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Laurella Mama was established in December 2017 by myself, Lauren, just 11 weeks after entering into the world of being a mama! It became clear to me very quickly that shopping on the High Street with a hungry baby is almost impossible, and shopping online was a sure way to loose my confidence when all the models are size 6, airbrushed and unrealistically beautiful. All I wanted was to be fashionable, to be able to breastfeed easily, and to disguise my mum-tum as best I could. I decided I couldn't be the only one in this new-mama-no-clothes situation... And so I set out to do something about it!

I handpick every item you can see and I even try it out before I offer it to my customers. Can I breastfeed in it? Is it kind to my postpartum body? Can I sell it at a price that will not put mamas out of pocket?  YES! I model almost everything myself in my little studio at the bottom of my garden - a genuine size 12 with milky breasts, mum-tum and all. If it looks good on me, it will look fantastic on you!

In a world full of false perfection, be yourself and remain happy at heart. 

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