Laurella Mama Christmas Market

Sponsored by Limitless Business Agency

This year, Laurella Mama is working in co-operation with Limitless Business Agency to put together a Small Business Christmas Market, and the whole team is buzzing with Christmas spirit!

The Laurella Mama boasts 37,000+ followers across social media platforms and we pride ourselves on the community we have built. Our fashion website receives 170,000 views, and all of this traffic comes directly from links posted to our social media platforms. We would love nothing more than to share our busiest month with small business owners to give them full access to a buzzing platform and a successful shopping experience set-up.  After all, we were a small business once too!

Would you like to take part in the Laurella Mama Christmas Market? Subscribe below and we'll be in touch very soon!

Laurella Mama is working in partnership with Limitless Business Agency, who are providing the services to create the setup of the Christmas Market as part of our sponsorship agreement. By subscribing to the Christmas Market, your data will be shared with both Laurella Mama and Limitless Business Agency, submitting your details tells us that you're okay with this and are happy to receive information about our products and services. You can, of course, opt out at any time!