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Free Delivery On Orders Over £75
Free Delivery On Orders Over £75


Modelled by Mamas, For Mamas.

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In December 2017, I had just become a mama to my eldest daughter, Isabella. Within those 11 weeks of being a new mama, I quickly realised that shopping on the High Street with a hungry baby is almost impossible and shopping online was a sure way to lose what little confidence I had left. I found it so hard scrolling through gorgeous clothes on models who were slim, airbrushed and unrealistically beautiful. All I wanted was to be fashionable, to be able to breastfeed easily and to disguise my mum-tum as best I could. I wanted to feel like me.I thought, I can’t be the only one in this ‘new-mama-no-clothes’ situation… So, I decided to do something about it! Introducing, Laurella Mama, your one stop shop for ‘Mama-Style High Street Fashion.’


Over the past 3 years, we have grown rapidly, despite many challenges and the current pandemic. From 4 draws in a spare room to my very own studio at the back of my garden, from just me and Isabella to a team of 5 PLUS the most recent addition to the Laurella Mama family, our youngest daughter, our little Lockdown Lottie.

I am passionate about giving back to the community and supporting our local charities. We have donated mum essentials to Baby’s Basket Charity (Dec 2018), bedding and home decor for our local NICU unit (Nov 2019) and organised a fashion show which raised over £900 for Pandas (Feb 2020), a charity which supports mums with their mental health during pregnancy and beyond.

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We were gutted to close our doors in March, following the announcement of a National Lockdown, but we need to keep our staff and families safe. I was heavily pregnant with Lottie, battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum and worried for the business we had built. But, I was ever-hopeful we would return, so I focused on enjoying the precious family time, getting organised for my new arrival and wrote business expansion plans for when we could reopen.

In June 2020, the government had gathered enough information about COVID-19, so we could open our doors again for business. We came back with a BANG! It turns out, mama’s had really missed us, the very first week saw a massive increase in sales. I was due any minute, it was a scorching heatwave and I had no staff able to return, but I worked my socks off to meet my customers demand and to keep those mama’s well dressed in gorgeous, practical clothing.

In November 2020, I took the leap and we became a limited company! I also launched a brand new website, which offers stronger search options and better filtering, enhancing my customers experience.


I handpick every item you can see and I even try it on to test it’s style and capabilities before I offer it to my customers. Can I breastfeed in it? Is it kind to my postpartum body? Am I still on trend and is it practical to be running around with little ones? YES! If it ticks those boxes, it’s on my website.

I model everything myself in my little studio at the bottom of my garden - a genuine size 12 with milky breasts, mum-tum and all. If it looks good on me, it will look fantastic on you!

In a world full of false perfection, be yourself and remain happy at heart.


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