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Our top 5 winter essentials to keep you cosy

Our top 5 winter essentials to keep you cosy

So, the heating is officially ON, the pavements are covered in leaves and we're having to defrost our cars in the morning… winter is on its way! With the days getting colder and the nights getting longer, we're here to make sure that you're dressed for the blustery walks and cosy nights in. Goodbye summer dresses and playsuits. Hello knitwear and lockdown loungewear.

We know that a 'matchy matchy' scenario is always cute, but it's just got even better with the Laurella Mama matching bobble hats. Choose from a variety of mottled colours or take a look at our playful range of Funky Powder Twinning Bobble Hats. Will it be the Westie dog with 3D velour glasses, the cutie penguin with the 3D matching bobble, or the cheeky fox with the 3D velour moustache!? For an added twist, let your little one choose the design and just go with it! Either way, you know you will be warm, comfortable and looking fabulous in our gorgeous range of bobble hats.

We're all sick of lockdowns and that pesty virus, but a few great things have come out it, one of those being that loungewear has become widely acceptable on school runs, public walks, trips to the dentist, in shops and when collecting takeaways. So, if you're looking for loungewear that will stand the test of time (post COVID) then check out our Lockdown Mama Loungewear collection, we particularly love the Yummy Tummy Super Soft Tracksuit. The trousers feature a wide, thick, firm elastic waistband that sits in a perfect high waisted position. Watch as your tummy is pulled in effortlessly by this brilliant feature, and it isn't restrictive either. Super comfy, super flattering and... SUPER soft!

Oh knitwear, how we've missed you. Too warm for summer but perfect for a chilly winter, it's time to invest in this seasons jumpers and cardis. Torn between a jumper and a cardi? Check out our Knitted Coatigan, with the style of a coat and the warmth of a cardigan they are a must have for your wardrobe! Also, if you're a breastfeeding mama, the double button on the neckline makes feeding access super easy, discreet and comfortable.

Shacket. A combination of a shirt (SH) and a jacket (ACKET), the item you didn't know you needed until you saw it. It's thick, warm and looks fab with a pair of jeans (in any colour!). Dress up or down with boots or trainers, the casual jacket vibe with the shirt style collar and buttons means it's completely versatile for any occasion.

The Laurella Mama Multiway Scarf - a must have for the multi-tasking mama. Our beautiful multiway scarves can be styled in 8 different ways including Mask, Bandana, Head Scarf, Neck Scarf, Headband, Scrunchie, Hat or Hairband. No more fuss, no more hassle and no more 'oh damn, I've forgotten my mask!' Our multiway scarves come in a variety of patterns and their many uses make them the perfect accessory!

So, there you have it! Our top 5 winter essentials from Laurella Mama, what do you think? Have you got anything to add? Share your thoughts on Social Media using the #LaurellaLookBook hashtag.

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