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What children really want for Christmas

What children really want for Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

I’ve been thinking really hard about what I’d like to find underneath my tree this year, but I’m finding this list really hard to write, because I know this year has been weird and tough, but in some ways, I’ve had the best year of my little life.

In March, I was sent home from school to keep our country safe from a virus we couldn’t see and although I missed my friends (and even my teachers), I had so much fun with Dad that I didn’t even mind. We played games, we built forts and Dad didn’t even have to work because of something called ‘furlow’ – I don’t know what that is really, but I like that it gave me more time with Dad.

We had to do some learning to keep up with my school work, but Mum made the lessons so fun, she really was the best teacher ever. I didn’t realise that she knew so many things, although she did say that she had a bit of help from her friend ‘Google’ and ‘Vino’ whoever they are.

Oh! I nearly forgot, Mum brought home a lockdown baby, I finally have a little brother! It was so special because we got to play together without any interruptions, we had so many family games and jokes. It was nice when we could meet other people in the gardens though, I loved showing him off and making him laugh for everyone.

I had the longest Summer ever, full of sunshine and adventure – me and my sister would run races up and down the field near our favourite picnic spot. So many restaurants were shut, so we had picnics nearly EVERY weekend, it was amazing!

I really missed seeing my Nanny but we had to protect her this year, so we came up with new ways to make her smile. I painted rainbows on her windows, I gave her my favourite teddy to cuddle and I FaceTimed her every evening whilst I had my dinner - I also baked cookies and wrote letters to keep her company.

I think I’ve been good this year, I went back to school in September and even though it was a little strange only seeing eyes, it wasn’t so bad. It’s only a mask, I’ve always been told it’s what’s on the inside that counts, that’s still true isn’t it? I like to think there is a smile underneath every mask!

So, for Christmas this year, I’d like to build dens with my dad in the living room, I would like to make up magic shows with my sister, I want to snuggle on the sofa with my mum watching a movie, I’d like to teach my little brother how to walk so we can run races up and down the field near our picnic spot. But, most of all, I’d really love to see my Nanny again – I’d like to make her a cup of tea and give her a chocolate biscuit.

I understand that the virus we can’t see is still here and I know that we’re not quite safe yet but I also know that the future is looking brighter and you can’t have a rainbow without rain.

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