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Things they never told you

Things they never told you

Do you remember when you found out how expensive cheese was? Stood in the fridge aisle of a supermarket, doing one of your first ‘adult’ food shops and being confronted with the unexpected cost of cheese - an extra £3 that wasn’t on your spreadsheet. That’s how motherhood feels sometimes, the feeling of ‘but no one told me that!’ again and again. Only when you have a baby, it’s having to learn how to feed, change, burp, bath and pacify them. Not to mention the additional 3k on your spreadsheet for absolute ‘necessities’ such as the all singing, all dancing baby swing (that your little one absolutely hated) or the overpriced but absolutely adorable outfit (that they wore once, exploded in and then outgrew within 3 days).

We live in a digital age where we’re becoming increasingly reliant on our devices and the connection they bring us. We don’t face uncertainty, we have Google. We don’t need to ask a friend, we have Alexa. We have all the help we need, we have Siri. Or do we? We have millions of books, opinions and suggestions available to us at the touch of a button, but sometimes you just need good old fashioned mum-to-mum advice.

So, to help any new or expectant mothers, we asked our Laurella Mama’s what they wish they had been told… this has been written by Mamas, for Mamas.

“You may adore your kids & love them to the end of life itself...........BUT you may not always like them very much!” - Anne Marie

“The first poo…” - Rachel Bayman

“It is normal for babies and small children not to sleep... you will be tired for at least the next 4 years…” - Heather Elizabeth

“It can be really hard spending those first few days after a c-section alone and without visitors, but I promise that your baby would still recognise their daddy and it won't affect their bonding. Also, trust your midwives, I know constant assessment can be annoying but refusing their help won’t get you home any quicker!” - Amy Miller

“If you are experiencing reduced movements, never, never, never think you are being a nuisance to the midwives. I went in with reduced movements at 29+4 and within 2 hours my daughter had been delivered by EMCS.” - Gillian Firth

“The hormone surges on days 5 and 10. I wasn’t prepared for the feelings (and tears) that totally overwhelmed me!” - Mel Wood

“Breastfeeding can be hard, really hard. Everyone I knew made it seem easy, but my son was on constantly for months. Seek support, help is out there for those who need it.” - Tricia Cattenach

“Trust your gut. Trust your instincts. Never doubt them. Even if it’s silly and amounts to nothing, trust it.” - Laura Graham

“That nobody has a bloody clue and we are all just winging it!” - Claire Smith

Do you know any new or expectant Mamas? Share this advice with them, they might need it. Motherhood is most definitely a journey, or more accurately, an adventure! But, like all adventures, you must never travel alone, always dress appropriately and ask for help when you need it most.

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Helen - February 15, 2021

It’s okay to let baby cry for a moment while you gather yourself. Be kind to you.
I found taking my son out in the buggy calmed him and we would both calm down and often felt refreshed after.

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