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The Forgotten Fight of Endo-Warriors

The Forgotten Fight of Endo-Warriors

If you walked around bleeding heavily, battered and bruised to every shade of red, blue and purple, you would be rushed to A&E, or at the very least, your local GP. Comforted by the visual presentation of these ailments, the offers of help and support would be never ending, bed rest would be insisted, suitable pain relief and treatment would be prescribed. 

Endometriosis, the invisible illness, often overlooked and dismissed as ‘women’s problems’ - another thing we should just accept and learn to live with. If you look up the symptoms of endometriosis, the most common ones listed are painful periods, painful urination, pelvic pain, painful bowel movements, painful intercourse.. pain being very much the theme. This is not another ‘women problem’ - this is a debilitating condition which can have life changing consequences if not dealt with properly. If left untreated, Endometriosis can lead to irreversible damage to your internal organs, contributing to reduced fertility and complete infertility.


So, if you’ve got these symptoms, you just pop along to your doctor and they will sort it right? Wrong. The current average diagnosis wait time is 8 years. During those 8 years, 58% of those women had visited their GP 10 or more times with symptoms. Let that sink in. These women, these endo-warriors, have been repeatedly asking and searching for help, explaining that their body feels broken, that they’re overwhelmed with pain that’s interfering with their daily life, with no successful solution. But who do we blame? We can’t blame our GP’s for their lack of knowledge on this condition, we can't blame our NHS which is already on its knees as we live through this pandemic. It seems to be an impossible situation where no one is to blame, but nobody is innocent. Maybe it's not a question of blame but a question of ignorance, but how many women need to suffer before ignorance is no longer an excuse?


Could it be that women's bodies are so complex and so beautiful that they frighten the medical community? The fact that a women's body is completely unique to them and can be unpredictable must be overwhelming and instil a feeling of 'I don't know where to start.' Spreading awareness of Endometriosis is a key step to creating positive change, by removing the taboo on painful periods and sharing useful infographics and blogs on this topic you may be reaching someone in desperate need of an answer. Someone who hasn't heard of Endometriosis and has been fighting the battle of an endo-warrior without even knowing it. Share, love, support. ❤️

If you, or anybody you know, thinks they might have Endometriosis and is looking for support, there are a number of support groups available via the Endometriosis UK website:

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