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I wonder who you will be

I wonder who you will be

Holding your baby in your arms, you just can’t help but think,
The days fly by oh so fast, before you even blink.

Can you predict their hobbies, their interests, their big time career?
Or what friends they’ll have, what sports they’ll play? The future’s never clear.

I watch you chase a ball, kicking it left and right,
Maybe you’ll be a footballer, scoring goals with all your might.

Dancing is your favourite, to the latest Disney tunes,
Perhaps you’ll be a Pop Star, with parties and balloons.

When you swing that stick, in that funny way you do,
I cannot help but wonder, if golf is the game for you.

We can’t deny that you’ve got style, and gosh, you love to talk,
Will you be on BBC? Or on the catwalk?

Your vocal range is rather great, when your singing super loud,
One day you might release an album, and make us super proud.

I often wonder when you’re eating, is this your one true passion?
I’ve never seen someone eat so fast, like it’s going out of fashion.

Chasing after tractors and stomping around in muddy puddles,
Maybe you’ll be a farmer and give the animals lots of cuddles.

The twinkly stars and the cheese like moon, makes you pause for thought,
You’re obsessed with the idea of what’s in space, could you be an astronaut?

I like the way, that when you fall, you can be healed with lots of kisses,
Maybe you will go to school and learn to fix with stitches.

You really love to be of help, when anyone comes calling,
Perhaps you could teach a class, and make lessons a bit less boring.

I wonder every day, about who you're going to be.
I don't mind what you choose to fill your days, as long as you're kind, you're safe and happy.

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rfsvdsdvs - March 29, 2022

How did your first day go, dear? the receptionist asked maternally. Fine, I lied, my voice weak.

jddencxppf - March 28, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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