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Here's to the teachers

Here's to the teachers

Did you know that I used to be a teacher? Before I started Laurella Mama, I worked as a primary school teacher, therefore I can sympathise and understand the stress that they must be under. I can picture the problems that they must be facing on a daily basis, the ongoing struggle to balance learning and support for your pupils. Being a teacher is not an easy job under normal circumstances, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. You haven't trained for this, you haven't been taught how to shape the minds of tomorrow via video calls with minimal resources. But you're doing amazing. We appreciate everything you're doing.

Here's to the early years staff.
To the people who must continue to work as normal, who cuddle our children and wipe their tears without a second thought, without thinking of COVID. You put our children first so that we can continue to work and for that we're eternally grateful. We're sorry that you feel forgotten by the government, but please know that you're appreciated.

Here's to the primary school teachers.
To the people who welcomed our 4 year olds only a few months ago, we know that you're doing everything you can to ensure that they feel settled during an unsettled time. We know it's not easy to try and engage little people with little attention spans through a screen, but you're doing it! You're trying to continue to assess our children, to identify any learning difficulties or developmental delays, you just want to help them and to make sure that no one gets missed. Don’t worry teaching assistants, we see you too, we know that your help is a valued and necessary resource for these lessons to take place. You all have our children's best interests at heart and we appreciate that.

Here's to the secondary school teachers.
To the people who are used to dealing with raging hormones and noisy classrooms, you're now faced with empty rooms and muted video calls. Whilst teenagers are used to screens, you're not their usual choice of channel.. however, you're providing them with something that they crave right now. Forget the grades, forget the exams- you're providing them with a routine. A purpose. The consistency and reassurance you bring through virtual learning is priceless. The support you're providing to get them through this pandemic is pure gold. Even if you don't think they're listening, they are. You're playing a key part in their life right now and we appreciate you.

Here's to the further education tutors.
To the people who prepare the graduates for the big wide world, a pandemic wasn't part of the plan. Lecturing to an empty room is not the same. We know that you deal with adults and that should be easier, but young adults are facing struggles of their own. They're unsure of their future, they have no social outlet and some are lacking focus - all side effects of living through a pandemic. But you're there for them, your lectures are crucial to their daily life and your assignments are keeping their brains busy and their minds from wandering. You are their focus and we appreciate that.

So, thank you. Thank you for being there for our children, in person or virtually. Thank you for listening to them, you're ensuring that whilst their voices may be harder to hear right now, they're not on mute. Thank you for supporting them and being the endless light during very testing and difficult times.

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gamesellru - June 9, 2021

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Nikki - February 16, 2021

Thank you so much for posting this Lauren. I am an LSA in an Infant School and I can honestly say I have never worked as hard as I have done in the last 12 months to help make sure that the little people we teach are happy & learning the best they can. To my daughters’ teachers… you are all amazing! To teach every GCSE lesson live for my oldest & also provide live lessons in the EBacc subjects for my middle daughter – I can only imagine the hours you are putting in! Thank you xxx

Dad - January 28, 2021

Well said Lauren. What people all around are feeling put beautifully into words.


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