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Half Term Survival Guide for Mums

Half Term Survival Guide for Mums

Half term. Some of us look forward to it… and some of us dread it! But one thing we can all agree on is that in October, it can be very hard. Suddenly the days have become dark, it’s cold, it’s raining and the children are most definitely TIRED.

All of those things are totally out of our control, but one thing we can do to make the week go smoothly, is to prepare!

The team at Laurella Mama is made up of mums, our children are a variety of ages and we have all had those days where you’ve not planned a single activity (possibly in the hope of a relaxing movie day) and those are the days that seem to last approximately 385 hours.

So, we’ve put together a list of ideas to keep you sane. A planned activity does not mean you need to spend £100 taking your family to a theme park every day, it’s quite often the simple things that are the best.

5 Half Term Activities That Won’t Break The Bank:

1. Pumpkin Painting

A modern twist on the classic pumpkin carving - simply pop down to your local pumpkin patch (or your local supermarket) and choose a couple of great pumpkins. Now, instead of reaching for the carving knife, grab your paintbrushes and a tin of chalk paint to create some super scary pumpkin faces.

2. Autumn Collection

Go for a walk. Take a bucket and fill it up with treasures (sticks, leaves, pinecones etc.). When you’re home, warm up with a cuppa and get crafty with your treasures! You can make this an activity for all ages; for little ones, cover some paper in glue and let them stick all the treasure down. For slightly older children, you could make an autumn wreath or help them to make their own autumn tree.


3. Halloween Snacking

Half term is prime time for receiving a million snack requests, so why not have fun with it! ‘Carve’ out the insides of an orange whilst keeping the skin in tact to create a mini fruit pumpkin, fill with other bite sized fruits for a fun and tasty halloween themed fruit salad

4. Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt

It can be tricky to know the ‘rules’ on trick or treating in your area. There are some people that are all for it but some that aren’t comfortable with the concept. To save your anxiety, set up a treasure hunt in the garden. Get the kids involved to decorate the garden to make it ‘spooky’ and then get to work hiding sweet treats for the kids to find and collect.

TOP TIP! You could always get your neighbours involved and take turns ‘hosting’ the treasure hunt each year.


5. Become a Fashion Designer

We’ve created a downloadable colouring sheet to let your child design their own outfit! Play it safe with colouring pencils or if you’re feeling really brave, empty your recycling bin and let them cut up all the cardboard to stick down for a super abstract outfit! Let their imagination run wild!

Need more inspo? We’ve put together a little list of Instagram account recommendations:

  • @fiveminutemum – if you have not heard of her before, go and check out her Instagram. Her 5 minute activities are brilliant, require minimal effort and often lead to you getting to drink a HOT cup of tea without disruption!
  • @harrylouisadventures - feeling crafty? This account is ideal for simple but gorgeous crafts for the whole family to enjoy.
  • @theyumboxmama - “I’m hungry! I want a snack!” how often do you get asked this on a daily basis? The Yum Box Mama has all the snack ideas you need including (indoor) picnic lunches and sharing platters.

However you spend your half term, make sure you set some time aside for you. You don’t need to fill every waking hour with activities for the kids because, quite honestly, you will all burn out pretty quickly. If you give your kids an iPad for half an hour, so that you can read a few chapters of a book in peace, that can be a positive thing for ALL of you – you cannot pour from an empty cup, so keep yourself topped up, little and often.

We hope you enjoy your half term week, bring on the hot chocolate, slippers, knitwear and WINE! You’ve got this Mama.


The Laurella Mama Team


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