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A different kind of Christmas

A different kind of Christmas

Wow. What a year.

We're approaching the end of the most challenging year in living memory, battling an invisible virus that has wreaked havoc across the globe. The world ground to a halt as schools shut, national lockdowns were imposed and we were told to stay home to save lives. Isolation, Social Distancing and Face Coverings became part of our daily vocabulary, the daily coronavirus briefing from No. 10 on everybody's screens desperate for news that things were getting better. That soon we wouldn't be restricted to our own household. We missed family. We shielded the vulnerable. Some people lost loved ones and dealt with critical illnesses alone, without support. Mental health deteriorated, jobs were lost and livelihoods destroyed. Everyone has been affected in some way by this pandemic. It goes without saying that it's been a tough year..

But, as Giovanna Fletcher wisely said in 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!' "There is strength in vulnerability."

Never has a statement been truer, or more applicable than to the year 2020. This was the year that parents became teachers and kids drew excitement from their permitted daily exercise. This was the year that we stood on our doorsteps on a Thursday evening and clapped for our carers, the ultimate sound of a nations pride for all the key workers. This was the year that rainbows were scribbled, drawn, painted and stuck onto the windows of people's homes.

Considering the emotional turmoil, we've all been through this year, it's no surprise why Christmas trees went up in November and the festivities have started early. We could all do with some Christmas cheer, so let's focus on the positives and make this Christmas extra special. Here's a few ideas to keep your spirits up:

Create new traditions with your family by going foraging in your local woodland to find decor (berries/sprigs of holly) for your Christmas table.

There are a few virtual meet and greets with Santa Clause this year (the big guy is busy as ever) - depending on what tier you're in this could be a great way to inject some magic into your Christmas build up.

Create a Christmas wish jar of things you and your family want to do when restrictions are lifted.

Celebrate this year with a special bauble for your Christmas tree, a reminder of 2020.

Please don't roll your eyes, we know that Zoom quizzes got a little bit tedious after a while but this could be a Christmas edition! Most importantly, it would feature mulled wine and baileys! Yay!

Whilst we spent the year isolated to our own household, separated from friends and family, in some ways we're even closer now. We're making history. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will want to know what we did during these difficult times. Wouldn't it be amazing to say that at the end of a testing year, we were able to have a safe and Merry Christmas?
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